IdentiFictioN ::: Ebook English Version. A reading experiment.

>> /dentiFikt!oN ::: My bookproject – a reading Experience about thoughts

How to express what can´t be expressed? Where do we limit ourselves (and our selves) by clinging to our history? How can we go beyond our small instilled world of thoughts? What helps us to experience joy, fulfillment and gratitude in the moment of NOW – no matter what the circumstances are? Didn’t someone once say that happiness comes from inside? Many times our mind tries to find satisfaction in the future or in the past – which doesn´t exist? Where do we keep stumbling over „incorrect“ thought constructs and expectations that make us doubt the ease of life; and therefore make us permanently unhappy? Why are we arguing and belittling everyone else for their opinions? Am I allowed to reinvent myself no matter how the outside world appears at the time? Who are we in reality and how can life be easy?

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Identifiction - Martins Ebook
a reading experiment

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